Sneakers business

Sneakers business

SneakerHub is a leading company in the sneaker trading market, specializing in the buying and selling of exclusive and limited-edition footwear. Founded by a group of sneaker enthusiasts passionate about fashion and urban culture, the company quickly gained a reputation as a reliable provider of authentic and high-quality sneakers. 

SneakerHub began when a group of friends decided to turn their passion for sneakers into a promising business. With in-depth knowledge of brands, models, and market trends in the sneaker industry, they saw an opportunity to create a company that catered to both avid collectors and everyday consumers seeking unique footwear.

Since its inception, SneakerHub has established itself as a reference in the industry, ensuring authenticity and quality with every pair of sneakers traded. Their commitment to providing an exceptional sneaker buying experience helped build a loyal customer base and solidify their reputation in the market.

To further drive SneakerHub's success, the team has decided to invest in creating a customized data analysis dashboard, allowing for a comprehensive view of key business metrics and indicators. The main business requirements for the dashboard are as follows:

SneakerHub recognizes the importance of these requirements in monitoring business performance, identifying growth opportunities, and making data-driven strategic decisions.

By investing in a customized dashboard, the company aims to provide a clear and concise view of its key business metrics.

SneakerHub hired Telmo Santos to build the dashboard below: