Sales Analysis

XYZ Company is a renowned technology firm that excels in the smart home automation solutions sector. With a highly skilled team and an innovative vision, XYZ aims to simplify people's lives through the integration of connected devices and the delivery of personalized and convenient home experiences. 

XYZ Company was founded by a group of technology enthusiasts with a shared vision to make homes smarter and more efficient. Believing in the power of home automation to streamline daily tasks, they combined their skills and knowledge to create a company that offered innovative and customized solutions to enhance people's comfort and security.

Over the years, XYZ has established a solid reputation in the market by providing advanced and intuitive home automation systems. Their customer-centric approach, focus on quality, and commitment to innovation have allowed them to become market leaders and trusted partners in the smart home industry.

To further enhance their offerings and better meet customer needs, XYZ has decided to invest in a customized dashboard that provides valuable insights into sales and business performance. The key business requirements for the dashboard are as follows:

With these requirements, XYZ aims to gain a comprehensive view of their sales performance and identify growth opportunities and areas for improvement.

Telmo Santos was hired and came up with below solution: